The Hush SoundThe Hush Sound!

They’re great,nice songs,nice singing,nice music,don’t ask me the style of their music because I really don’t know how to say,it’s POP,not really,it’s INDIE,seems be,it’s Rock,yeah of course it is….

Anyway,it’s the best one for me this month.

Ok,listen this song:

The Boys Are Too Refined

[audio: Boys Are Too Refined.mp3]


You can down this Album here:Emule Source



The Dresden DollsThe Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls由美国波士顿的一对情侣组成。 

演唱/钢琴:Amanda Palmer(女,同时负责词曲创作)

鼓手:Brian Viglione(他曾经搞过重金属)。

The Dresden Dolls是一支诡异而怪诞的乐队,成立于2001年。他们的音乐充满了戏剧化,两个成员总是如同戴着面具的小丑,演绎着一幕幕黑色幽默。


听听这首:Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner

[audio: Organist Rapes Page Turner.mp3]


Hit the lights

Hit The Lights

Another POP-PUNK band,not so bad.


Heard by news,their Vocal Colin left band after their first Album but they never stopped,new Vocal Nick Thompson came into band and 2 years later,this new Album came out,many fans said Nick is not so good as Colin,but,who cares anyway,they’re still playing music..

Listen to one song of them:Wide Awake

[audio: Awake.mp3]








I seldom listen to japanese music,except X-japan,but I tried to get a pop music of japanese to listen,not so bad too,a little funny,and the man’s voice it’s too POP,haha!Some songs seem to be a little city jazz pop!

Just enjoy the first song: