I got an interview last few days,I like that company (Weike Technology)and I do hope I can get work in it because their products meet my great interest:MUSIC.They specialize in digital musical instruments and accessories.I even used their products when I started playing guitar many years ago.I never imagine that I could meet their company when I worked,I found their imploying informations last year when I came to Shenzhen,but I did not have enough confidence at that time to apply for a job of them.But this month,when I quited my last job which I really don’t like but I still worked for a whole year,I found their company’s imploying again on the internet,this time,I did not hesitate to call them directly and fortunately,I got the chance of their interview.That day was unforgettable,I was never so nervous about an interview because I really like this job and I had great hope on it.Finally I did not finish my interview successfully,I felt a little shame on me.But thanks for the god,they gave me a second chance when they called me last week and let me go for the second interview after they finish a muscial instrument show in shanghai.My heart was beating faster from that moment on.I tell myself I should not lose this chance,I should never fail to get this job…….

I remember I didn’t do well on a introduction of a tuner in the last interview,so I kept reading and learning the product’s introduction on their website these days,here,I tried to introduce this product again and again:

Hi,I’m glad to introduce our new product:Auto Clip Tuner,WST-523!

This’s a digital tuner for guitar,bass,violin and ukulele or any other instruments which can make a sound or vibration.Because it has two tuning modes:Mic and Clip.

Let’s see the Mic mode first,please select the mic tap,you can see the word MIC here and of course if you turn to clip mode there’ll be CLIP.In the left corner of the bottom shows the frequency of the tuner’s picking and the key tuning in the right corner of the bottom,by the way,this tuner has 4 keys tuning modes:C,F,Bb,Eb.You can press ITEM button to select the different key you need.Ok,let’s try to tune for a sound,which can be from your voice or your instrument like acoustic guitar and ukulele.The tuner will pick up the sound by MIC here to tune for you.Now,you see,when the finger goes to the right side  and the displays color turns to “orange”,that means your tune’s too sharp,on the contrary,when the finger goes to the left side and the display’s color turns to “red”,that means your tune’s too low,you gotta keep tuning your instrument carefully,when the finger points to the middle of the display and meanwhile,the color turns to “Green”,now you got the right  pitch.
Ok,let’s see the CLIP MODE,just select the clip tap here,and then the most important,clip the tuner onto your instrument,like an acoustic guitar’s neck.Because the tuner will tune for you by the vibrations of your instrument,as we all know that instrument can vibrate when they are played.Next ,to get the right pitch for your instrument,it’s almost the same as we talked in the MIC mode.you need to get the finger pointing to the middle then you get the right tone.
Here’s the basic function and operation of this tuner,please don’t hesitate to ask if you got any questions.