I was a bit busy these days ‘coz I got in a new company, I am happy everyday with my new job, it’s full of music…

I haven’t update my blog for a while but I never stop listening music everyday so now I still keep updating the songs I liestened every month, hope everyone like it:

Many famours rock band in the world has updated with new album these days, just like AC/DC,Metallica,Queen and Paul Rodgers and B.B.King and many many….But I still keep looking for some new bands to listen,I will paste some of the best I listened last month here:

Anberlin —Blame Me! Blame Me!

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Blame Me! Blame Me!.mp3]

Katy Perry——One Of The Boys

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/One Of The Boys.mp3]

Marianas Trench——Far from Here

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Far from Here.mp3]

Akira Jimbo—-Get Up!

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Get Up!.mp3]

Senses Fail——-Garden State

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Garden State.mp3]

Sugarplum Fairy——–The Escapologist

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/The Escapologist.mp3]

Danger Radio———Another Lesson In Love

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Another Lesson In Love.mp3]

Cajun Dance Party——-The Firework

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/The Firework.mp3]





Greg Laswell——-Come Undone

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Come Undone.mp3]

Jeff Hanson—–Careful


Juliana Hatfield———–The Fact Remains

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/The Fact Remains.mp3]

The Ditty Bops———-In The Meantime

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/In The Meantime.mp3]

The Maccabees———About Your Dress

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/About Your Dress.mp3]

The Paddingtons———-Stop Breathing

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Stop Breathing.mp3]

The Script——–Rusty Halo

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Rusty Halo.mp3]

The Click Five——–When I’m Gone

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/When I’m Gone.mp3]

The Mission District———Nothing Stays

[audio:http://www.voxova.com/music/Nothing Stays.mp3]