Having Been too busy lately, I’ve rarely got time to write down my story in Germany. It appeared to be a marvelous trip to everyone, include me, but frankly,but I’ve been feeling upset those days. Let me share you with the details.

The Southeast Asia has been divided into my region since I joined the company. It was nice that my boss trusted me and I did try my best to fulfill the assignment. However, I did not finish my sales target of this season, I feel ashamed about this all these days. I assume that there’re two basic facts which cause this situation.

First of all, the economic crisis influences the market of Southeast Asia directly. Secondly, it seems that the musical atmosphere in Southeast Asia is less dense than that in Europe. You can see from the exhibition in Germany. Seldom clients from that area came to the show. Hence, my opportunity to get more orders became rare. How envy I was when I watched my other colleagues busy talking with the customer from their area.

However, I never lose my confidence to make better performance in the near future, because I know that I’m never lazy on my work, I believe that everything comes better who does better.

All in all, we made a perfect show this year and got many orders too. Most importantly, I learnt a lot about sales, exhibition and business. Here is a summary and some pictures of my trip:

First day, we got everything arranged for the MusikMesse show.

Second day to the fourth day, we were busy at our booth to receive customers from all over the world.

Fifth day, we went to a beautiful city of Germany, Heidelberg, which is  home to one of Europe’s oldest educational institutes.

Sixth day, we went to shopping mall and am Mein River.

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