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The most attractive TV for me, in the past 4 years, I’d never hesitate to say it was Prison Break. Last month, it finally gave me an end, which also stopped my miserable waiting for a new chapter every Tuesday.

As my biggest interest in US TV and Eligsh Language, I started to look for another US TV, finally I got Kyle XY and I’m really enjoying it with my honey. It’s attractive but different from PB, it is Sci-Fi but impressive and touching.  Moreover, I could really cannot help loving the musics in this movie, they are awsome and I just heared some of them before.

越狱完了,最近在看《天赐》又名《神奇小子》,英文名:<Kyle XY>

科幻生活片,有趣的故事,感人的情节,我介绍朋友看后他还说看哭了,不过确实很感人,最重要的是这部电视里的音乐,有Marianas Trench,The 88,Irving等诸多欧美INDIE ROCK BAND的歌,大部分我没听过,都很不错,强烈推荐下!原声碟驴子上有下载,蝌蚪上有试听!