Busy days-I got a new job and moved to a new house

2008.10.18 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Business|工作

I was very afraid of my last interview which I talked in my blog few days ago, just because I really hope I could work in this company and I can say that I was never so expected on a job like this  time, because they’re a music company who’s specializing in digital musical instruments and accesso...

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Introduction of a digital auto tuner(interview)

2008.10.10 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Business|工作

I got an interview last few days,I like that company (Weike Technology)and I do hope I can get work in it because their products meet my great interest:MUSIC.They specialize in digital musical instruments and accessories.I even used their products when I started playing guitar many years ago.I ne...

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2007.10.22 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

音箱和耳机都是需要煲的,我又要买音箱了,这几天在淘,先把这些自己看过N遍的资料整理起来。 玩HIFI,一般必须有三个部分:音源、放大器、音箱。音源一般是CD机,现在多数由DVD机身兼音源与影源两职;放大器也叫功放,用来放大由音源输出的讯号,推动音箱;音箱则负责发出声音。音源用讯号线连接到功放上,功放则由音...

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