Songs I listened in October

2008.11.15 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

I was a bit busy these days 'coz I got in a new company, I am happy everyday with my new job, it's full of music... I haven't update my blog for a while but I never stop listening music everyday so now I still keep updating the songs I liestened every month, hope everyone like it: Many famours ...

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Busy days-I got a new job and moved to a new house

2008.10.18 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Business|工作

I was very afraid of my last interview which I talked in my blog few days ago, just because I really hope I could work in this company and I can say that I was never so expected on a job like this  time, because they’re a music company who’s specializing in digital musical instruments and accesso...

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Songs I listened in September

2008.09.29 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

The Hush Sound! They're great,nice songs,nice singing,nice music,don't ask me the style of their music because I really don't know how to say,it's POP,not really,it's INDIE,seems be,it's Rock,yeah of course it is.... Anyway,it's the best one for me this month. Ok,listen this song: The Boys A...

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Songs I listened in August!

2008.09.04 / 标签: ,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

Last month we played some music from Maroon5 besides our own songs....They're reall a wonderful band and their music wonderful too.Here are 4 different band's song I listened last month,if you enjoy you can look for their other songs on the internet too! [audio:

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Bet on it (High School Musical 2)

2008.09.01 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

I remember that High School Musical1 once came into my computer but i did not watch it,coz i thought it boring.... Today,my brother download High School Musical 2,I thought since one film could have the continuation so that it should not be so bad...Ok,my honey gotta yes too,as a music rocker,I ...

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