Finally,I chose to leave ASAP!

2008.09.02 / 标签: ,,,,,,, / 分类: Business|工作

Leave as soon as possible,that's what I am waiting for long long ago,leave this company!Today,I quited... Actually,I told myself that just stay here till the Canada's tour,but I gave up that chance,it's not my fool,it's just advisability,I believe! I really cannot believe myself that I should h...

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又买了个MP3-Iriver T60 (T60与M6对比)

2008.05.13 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Life|生活

终于,我们的台电M30卖出去了,一点都不后悔,很高兴。。。。。虽然买来不到一个星期,还亏了150才卖出去。。。 为什么要卖?看这里: 我和老婆还是需要一个,现在我用MX460配M6听,准备买个T60了再买个MX760的,这次不想买MP4了,两人一个MP4一...

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