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作为一个吉他手,我想我有足够的理由和动力来亲自设计属于吉他手和其他乐手的手机应用程序,而这仅仅是一个开始。 itunes官方链接: 类别: 音乐 更新: 2012年04月17日 版本: 1.30 大小: 24.6 MB 语言: 英语 开发商...

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Introduction of a digital auto tuner(interview)

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I got an interview last few days,I like that company (Weike Technology)and I do hope I can get work in it because their products meet my great interest:MUSIC.They specialize in digital musical instruments and accessories.I even used their products when I started playing guitar many years ago.I ne...

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