Prices are rising

2008.09.06 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Life|生活

Weekend is coming,my girl told me there's many sales promotions in some emporiums.Like the MOI,their message for AD is 200 EXPENDITURE will get 200 VOUCHER.It's wonderful isn't it?After work,we met and had dinner and then,we went straightly to the MOI.... We sailed about the whole emporium only ...

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2008.08.14 / 标签: ,,,,,,,,,,,,, / 分类: Music|音乐

记得上次写DON'T PUSH ME也是上晚班的一个下午,和PAUL聊了之后我就一鼓作气写了下来。。那歌也编排完了,现在我们RIFF还是蛮多, 而且有2个编排都是完全成型了,就差歌词了,以前写歌的时候最多的就是歌词,现在乐队来说最快的是曲子,歌词却还慢了些。。。 最近很压抑,写首比较压抑的歌那就,这个城市,这样的生活...

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